Pause YouTube video(s) when playing another video on the same page

I love TypeScript and it seems to be very well accepted with it’s popularity among developers rising every day. Why @typescriptlang commitment to stay true to #ECMAScript standard & build only on #javascript was a good choice.— Matija Grcic (@matijagrcic) July 1, 2015 Recently ... Read more »

Download latest Microsoft Azure PowerShell

To install and configure Azure PowerShell you can visit Microsoft Azure PowerShell repository. This repository contains a set of PowerShell cmdlets for developers and administrators to develop, deploy and manage Microsoft Azure applications. Then visit the releases section and use either Microsoft Web Platform Installer or Windows Standalone. Because of ... Read more »

Building Responsive Transactional HTML Email Templates Doesn't Have To Suck

Rules when building HTML email templates There are two main rules when building HTML email templates: First rule is to use HTML Table Element. Table elements were often used as a method for page layout. This usage has been discouraged since HTML 4, and the table element should not be ... Read more »

Convert HTML to image using Premailer.Net and HTML Renderer in ASP.NET MVC

Let's say you have a use case where you want to allow your clients to save a HTML markup styled with CSS as a picture. Do you think it's a hard thing to do? Well it's rather simple. I've recently used a library called which is open source ... Read more »

SQL Server Client Network Utility and Powershell

SQL Server Client Network Utility allows you to add a SQL Server alias on a client machine. Client network utility does not require SQL Client Tools to be installed and it's installed automatically on every operating system from Windows 2000 on. You can access it from C:\WINDOWS\system32\cliconfg. ... Read more »

Jenkins build info with Powershell

Recently I've wanted to get some of the information about the builds that Jenkins API provides. I've decided to create a simple Powershell cmdlet. A cmdlet is a lightweight command that is used in the Windows PowerShell environment. The Windows PowerShell runtime invokes these cmdlets within the context of automation ... Read more »

YouTube Data API v3 - Get a list of Video Category Ids

When you want to preform a search using YouTube Data API v3 with a specific query term you need to use Returns a collection of search results that match the query parameters specified in the API request. By default, a search result set identifies matching video, channel, ... Read more »

Use TypeScript Definition manager for adding type definitions to your project

I'm writing this as a help to developers who are finally seeing the benefits of using TypeScript in their applications and want to be more productive in adding typings to their projects. Currently if you're using Visual Studio you can right click on a .js file and choose Search for ... Read more »

Create custom state in Team Foundation Server 2013

Lets say you want to support your team's processes using TFS and you want to add a new State that a developer can pick from the dropdown. Looking at the TFS documentation customizing work tracking objects we can see there is something called WIT XML definition file. A WIT defines ... Read more »

Connect(); Microsoft Visual Studio vNext & Azure - all you need to know

Connect(); Microsoft Visual Studio vNext & Azure A cloud-first, mobile-first, developer-first, virtual event Keynote: Developers in the mobile-first, cloud-first era - Scott Guthrie Azure ROCKS! - flexible cloud development Data insights Azure preview portal - 360 degree information about your application Resource groups - all resources associated with one application ... Read more »

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