Common Travel Tips You Should Know

Let’s face it. We’ve taken the act of travelling for granted for a while now. What was once considered to be a regular occurrence (many of us go on at least one trip per year) is now a rarity as the world slowly recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic. International borders and airports are beginning to resurrect, but most travellers are still reserved about jetting off to parts unknown.

For the bold ones that have been (hopefully) inoculated and vaccinated, you may be planning to go on a vacation very soon. 

Here are a few common travel tips that you should know — just in case you’ve forgotten after nearly two years of being grounded.

1. Plan Your Trip

Yes, the game plan is part of this list of travel tips on a budget. Who would have thought, right?

But seriously, being an ambitious explorer is one thing, but having an overly packed travel itinerary will turn your holiday into more of a job rather than a vacation. Not only is it exhausting, but stressful to boot. And nobody wants to feel stressed while on holiday.

Instead, always be flexible when planning. Things happen on the fly and you shouldn’t be afraid to change your plans at the last minute. After all, the perfect holiday isn’t really achievable due to a myriad of things that could go wrong at a moment’s notice. Just be sure to feel contented and your holiday will be more enjoyable. 

On the flip side, underplanning your trip is a huge no-no as well. There’s nothing worse than spending time and money to jet off to an exotic location and then spending time napping all day in the hotel. That and only having fast food instead of the local food. That’s a huge waste of tummy space that you could have otherwise used to sample the local delicacies!

2. Budgeting Matters

Budgeting matters when you travel. Nuff said. 

You should always, always establish a realistic budget when you are planning for a holiday. Otherwise, a scenario like this may happen. You spend too much in the first few days of your trip, and now you won’t be able to enjoy the final days of the vacation. In the same vein, you should also keep some cash in your currency and the local currency as emergency cash.

Similarly, your budgeting will begin even before you step foot on a plane. Air tickets, accommodation, tours, etc. should be taken into account when you plan a holiday.

In that sense, the “Best Day and Time To Buy Airline Ticket 2021” articles you commonly see online are some of the best resources to plan your travel budget around.

3. Packing Light

It’s unlikely that you will need that extra piece of clothing if your destination happens to turn out a little warmer than expected. And it is 

Although it is tempting to pack everything you can see into your bags, it will also make it difficult to carry around. Worse still, you may also be subject to high baggage fees for exceeding the weight limit, which many airports are well-known for.

Instead, packing light is the way to go! Only bring the essentials that you will use and not what you think is necessary. Some travel essentials like toiletries, shampoo, etc. can be purchased after you arrive at your destination. Also, consider doing laundry while on the road and you can travel with as little clothing as possible.

4. Keep Track of The Time

The mistake of not keeping track of time is something that is more common than you think and the fallout of not being punctual is a devastating one. Literally, a missed flight will put an end to your holiday even before it begins. 

Most travellers seem to like to cut it close when they travel by arriving just before the gate closes. Their logic is that they do not want to spend any more time than necessary waiting for their flight to take off. What they don’t understand is that Murphy’s Law is very much in effect all the time. 

It could be a sudden downpour that causes traffic to pile up or even an earnest security guard being more careful than necessary, any random acts can tack on time and delay your trip to the airport and may potentially cause you to miss a flight. 

You wouldn’t want this, would you?

If not, please just show up on time (earlier) at the airport. You won’t be losing much in terms of time and money than if you arrived too late and completely missed the flight. 

We’d highly recommend that you endeavour to arrive at the airport from three to four hours before your scheduled international flight. And if you’re flying domestic, an hour beforehand should normally suffice.

5. Keep Your Expectations In Check 

Certain expectations can be unavoidable as we spend hours researching and planning our trip. Sometimes, it is better to let those expectations go.

You should accept that things may not go according to plan. Be realistic about your expectations and don’t expect a perfect trip. It could be something as mundane as a misleading advertisement or the fact that the museums and attractions that you were looking forward to visiting are undergoing renovations at this time. 

A positive outlook can save your vacation, rather than cause it to spiral downwards.

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