Get Splashed Silly During Songkran

Who hasn’t heard of Songkran? The once locally celebrated Thai festival has now become a worldwide phenomenon which attracts droves of tourists and cultural explorers to the country come the beginning of April each year.

If you do happen to be in Bangkok between the 13th and 15th of April each year, you should definitely check out the many activities held during the Thai New Year.

Participate In The Wet Festivities Of Songkran

Indeed, the Songkran Festival is an intriguing cultural event which is seeing an uptick of foreign visitors coming to the city each year to get wet. That’s right, people are paying actual, hard-earned money to be a part of the (wet) festivities! 

But the appeal of such an event, if you haven’t already realized it, is a rather straightforward one — joining in on a water fight is always a blast!

Though aside from the exciting water fights, there’s actually a religious significance behind the festival. In classic Theravada Buddhism, it’s believed that sprinkling water on your body will wash the bad luck away, in addition to giving you a blessing. Simple reasoning certainly, but one that has now transformed the nation into a full-on battlefield for water fights come Songkran each year.

And with the massive crowds congregating to Bangkok during this time, there’s truly no better place to experience Songkran than in the city as it transforms into a huge soaking wet, water party.

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