Travel Tip: Make Use of Your Age

Whether you’re a retiree/senior citizen or a student, you can certainly reap a ton of benefits using your age (or youthful-looking face) when you travel. 

The Right Age Can Help You Save Money During Your Travels

Most places of interest around the world likely have ticket discounts for tourists over a certain age, while some may even be FOC. And the same goes for children and students.

If you’re a travelling student, make sure to always carry your student ID with you. You’ll be able to get discounts or even free entry depending on the place you’re visiting. 

And if you’re not a student, you can still attempt to play off as one so long as your student ID doesn’t have an expiry date. Oh, and also with the caveat that you don’t look at all that different from your ID picture.

Hey, what’s the harm in a little white lie when you can save a few bucks, right?

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